Rod Shuqom and the missing $4.8 Million

Murad / Rod Shuqom has changed his name to Rod Shegem. He took almost $100,000 from me (not including lawyer fees) and much more from other good people. This page is intended to warn anyone from doing business with him. Rod owned RBS Royalty Motorsports and other shell companies.  He filed bankruptcy and somehow did not face criminal charges. How you “lose” $4.8 million dollars while running a small business is beyond the comprehension of me and the other victims that I have talked to. Many believe that he was funneling money to his home country of Jordan.

Court Documents from his Bankruptcy (a must read)
Court Recordings in regards to RBS Motorsports
Court Recordings in regards to Rod personally
A mass of documents from the case (LINK)
Some of the people he has defrauded.


Rod’s shell companies.




I have reached out to many fellow creditors listed in the court documents. Customers, dealerships, and even towing companies.  Rod was running the business out of his apartment “warehouse” where paperwork, and vehicles were often sent.

Rod also likes posting to his Instagram account about how good his life is, seems like he is living large after his $4.8 million dollar… bankruptcy?





While researching his new alias, it looks like he has recently joined Dime Racing, a division of Dime Research and Development, listed as Dime Consulting. Owned by a convicted felon Steven Atneyel. Mr. Atneyel was found guilty in January 2016 of selling an automatic AK-47 machine gun to an undercover ATF agent at a Westminster, CA mall.

Mr. Atneyel’s Case





Read the comments to this article.

There is a common connection with Rod and Mr. Atneyel. They both are involved with a company called Weistec Engineering. Weistec Engineering works on Mercedes AMG vehicles and so does Dime Research and Development. Rod is listed as the Racing Director for Weistec Engineering and Dime Racing.


Wouldn’t you know it, Rod is involved in yet another lawsuit. It looks like Rod and Mr. Atneyel are defendants in a case filed by a Mr. Michael Weiss and Weistec Engineering Inc.

Document removed by request

I will post information as this case progresses. Let us hope justice is finally served at some capacity.

New information is coming in daily. I will not post information until it is confirmed. Check back soon.